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This is a chat I had with a couple of guys on the net about an idea I have.

Me:Is it possible to go into a simple workshop, which has no recordings and no communication with the outside, and in a day create a machine that gives off the sound of Martin Luther King saying "I have a dream"?
Guy 1:Yes, but it would be a miraculous achievement.
Guy 1:Almost impossible.
Me:I have an idea of how I can do it.
Guy 1:?
Me:My idea has two parts, one part is to make a sound producing machine, one could maybe do that with some wax roll or something, like the old phonographs. The other part is to actually make the sound. Which I would do somehow or other involving that I simply memorize a highly compressed sound file.
Guy 1:How would you get the same tones as MLK?
Me:I mean that I memorize a compressed part of his recorded speech.
Me:(I memorize the bits of the file)
Guy 1:What all x million of theme?
Me:To memorize it I would only need to memorize about 3300 bits.
Me:If it is compressed with a codec that has a bit rate of about that number of bits per second.
Guy 1:I dont think such compression exists.
Me:Yes, there are those which go down to even 2 kbits/second.
Guy 2:It's only a few seconds of audio.
Me:I have listened to the recording, it is around 1 second, maybe a little more.
Me:He says it many times, so some are bit longer, some a little shorter.
Guy 1:Still, what do you memorise?
Guy 2:You'd have to memorize how to decompress the audio though.
Me:Yes, I would need to memorize the algorithm, too :)
Guy 1:Bits are 1010110.
Guy 1:A kbit is 1000 of those.
Guy 1:You are looking at ~100kb for a few seconds.
Me:It corresponds to about 1000 decimal digits.
Me:So it is like memorizing 1000 digits of Pi or so.
Guy 2:You'd probably memorize about a thousand hex digits.
Me:Even less, but around that, I think 1000 decimal would be enough.
Me:But then one would need to have a smart technique of transfering that wave unto a wax roll or so.
Me:But I think that could be done.
Me:I am thinking of a workshop without any electricity or anthing like that, just mechanics.
Guy 1:ooo... hmm.
Guy 1:How do you get from bits to sound then?
Me:That's what I have not fully realized yet in my mind, but one idea is to gradually imprint a track in the wax roll by means of a long lever by which I can translate big movements to the small movements needed in the wax, so on the "big" side I move it along the wave, which could be on a long paper roll where I have been drawing the wave.
Me:And to draw that wave I need to translate my memorized material by means of an algorithm.
Me:(the decompression)
Guy 1:Hmm, seems borderline impossible.
Me:Yes, but I think it can be done by some smart methods.
Guy 1:Oh perhaps, extraordinarily difficult however.
Me:He he he, well the memorizing part is not so difficult, and the other parts that we have discussed here might become quite simple if you find some good ideas and techniques.
Me:But anyway, I like the idea, purely for doing something impressive :)
Me:And odd.
Me:It makes me enthusiastic that your first impression is that it seems like a miracle.