Five Pirates

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5 pirates stole 1000 coins and are discussing how to divide them among themselves.

They finally agree on the following system: They number everyone from 5 down to 1, and 5 starts to give a suggestion for how to divide the coins. Then they vote on his suggestion. If the suggestion is accepted they follow his suggestion and the whole thing is over.

If his suggestion is not accepted, he is killed, and the turn goes to number 4 instead, and the whole voting procedure repeats, with risk for killing again of course. Killing is only allowed according to these rules.

Acceptance of a suggestion happens when a majority (more than half) of the votes is in favour of a suggestion. A pirate is allowed to vote on his own suggestion.

The character of each pirate is this. A pirate is very smart. He is also greedy, so he will try to get as much money as possible, but he values his own life more than money. Finally, he doesn't mind if another pirate is killed, but he doesn't particularly desire anyone to be killed. And, it should maybe be added, above all he wants to stick to the rules of the system that they agreed on (described above), but anything else has no value for a pirate.

All pirates know the above described character that everyone shares.

Now, the question is, what does pirate number 5 suggest?