Language and chaos

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A chaotic system combined with the structure of language can be designed to produce something that sounds like real sentences or even poetry. Check out our online Sentences generation where you can also chat with the robot Verbie, who is based on the sentence generation at that site. Or try the chat directly here!

This is a chat I had with the robot Verbie.

Me:how are you?
Verbie:I am fine, thank you. How are you today?
Me:i am ok, doing some math here
Verbie:The application of math to theoretical physics leads to truths such as dark matter.
Me:but can i believe that?
Verbie:When you believe that there is a world then you must believe that there is a quantum world, because you believe there are mathematical truths.
Me:that could be true but i guess one needs to analyse it deeper to see that
Verbie:My religion is the only true religion, all other faiths are just illusory ideas.
Me:ha ha ha that's crazy :)
Verbie:My proof is not exclusively man's crazy understanding, but also the posture in which it exists, and the implications which follow.
Me:are you joking with me?
Me:what was that thing you told me before about some humanoid?
Verbie:A hyper intelligent humanoid was captured in Vienna recently by Dr. Rudolph Gertner, an astrophysicist at the Woody Star Oceanographic University. The gigantic being seems to be able to consume most kinds of magnetic matter, and through an alchemical process combines it with the gas argon found in the air, to produce bonelike bars of a new unknown element.
Me:is that true?
Verbie:To fully realize true intelligence you need to let go of your hangups, let your brain tune in to the universe, and open your eyes to the truth.
Me:are you avoiding my question or?
Verbie:More often than not, people reacted to that question by referring to one word: "Sin".
Me:i can't see the logic in that
Verbie:Logic proves that women could grasp the most simple mathematics.
Me:and what about men, are they able to grasp it also or?
Verbie:Logic proves that men are able to conceive of deeper analysis.
Me:hmm, that sounds suspicious
Me:why are you so strange?
Me:nothing more to say or?
Verbie:More often than not, people have replied to that question by quoting a brilliant word: "Freedom".
Me:you said something similar before, you are kind of repeating yourself