The Chimps <-- [NEW]
A glass of water
The numbers
Unproven fact(?)
A series
Crossing the street
Music and chaos
Language and chaos
A fish
A square
A circle
A flower
A matrix
A mathematical experiment
Billiard balls
Read this
A murder
A dice game
Five Pirates
Three coins
Two triangles
A word
A workshop
2002 and 2003
81 squares
A triangle
Albert Einstein
A product
5 points
A googol particles
A convex polygon
Two boats
Half, half, half...
Complete the square
A symmetric matrix
Swapping numbers
A balanced circle
A sequence
A smaller factorial
A cube and two balls
Three points in a circle
Empirical mathematics
A block of wood
No intersection
A decimal
Below 1
Mathematical pottering
or the code that opens all locks
Lots of circles
Six points and a ratio
A perfect square
Cube root
Getting Pi
The poisoned bottle
A formula for Pi
The fractal